At USA Lawn our fibers are all combination of PE+PP or 100% PE, why?

Requiring a 100% polyethylene (PE) fiber will give softness, UV resistance, durability and very high resiliency (resilience: ability to regain its original shape).

We also have a lot of synthetic grass made of polyethylene (PE) fiber combined with polypropylene (PP) thatch to meet customer and market requirements. PP thatch keeps longer PE fibers upright position while you are enjoying a soft and realistic surface. Both combination products have the same UV resistance, durability and guarantee.


The 3 most important points in USA Lawn for a good fiber are:

  • A high DTEX

Take as an example two white sheets that are visually comparable. Yet there are great differences between these two leaves. The first sheet in 70 grams represents a low DTEX. The second sheet in 160 grams represents our high DTEX quality.

Print your photos on the sheet 70 grams (DTEX down) and you have a bad result: curled paper to print, bad rendering and ink runs the risk of drooling. You will have a fragile sheet so tearable.

On the other hand, with our sheet in 160 grams (DTEX top) you will have a better rendering and especially a greater resistance (to the tear).

Our average DTEX of our turf that you will discover in our guide 2016, is 12,000 DTEX (total DTEX) which confers security and robustness.

  • Good polymerization

This manufacturing phase is very important for our fiber manufacturing partners. They guarantee our products the best polymerization recipe of the highest quality. Our sales team will be able to explain the importance of polymerization in detail.

  • UV Resistance

Manufacturing process that gives our lawns the best resistance to UV exposure. Again, our UV quality requirement is very high in order to give you the best guarantee.


To summarize

A low DTEX, with low quality polymerization and low UV treatment will accelerate the degradation of the fiber. The phenomenon is easily identifiable, the fiber loses its color, its hold and breaks. The fiber is said to be powdered.

So, we have the same quality requirements as you?