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USA Lawn artificial turf appearance is vivid green all year around. Different from natural grass which needs fertilizing, water and other resources, artificial lawn can meet the 24 hours of high intensity exercise, and its maintenance is simple and rapid. Application of artificial turf can be used widely, landscape decoration, roof greening, community greening, road greening, football, golf, badminton court, tennis court, golf course, kindergarten playgrounds, sports fields or landscape etc.
Yes, it certainly is. When you have put a heavy load on your lawn for a period of time, the grass fibers will lie flat. You can fix this by simply brushing the grass with a regular broom. The fibers were only flat for a short period of time, but will rise and show themselves in their full glory. Your artificial lawn will look brand-new again.
Any product in the dog & pets collection is perfect for dog owners. Premium, Relax and Oasis have been particularly popular and have been installed in many gardens with dogs and the customer comments have been very positive. The high-density tufting and sand-filling protects the pile from dog claws. To deal with dog mess, remove the bulk of the mess and use our USA Lawn Spot Cleaner product. This ensures the smells are washed away. For Dog Wee use our USA Lawn Cleanser product.
Yes. Our range of grasses are lovely and soft and loved by kids and pets. The kids can continue to play ball games and dogs can roll and run around without turning your garden into a mudbath!
It is estimated that your USA Lawn will last up to 15 years through normal use. Our artificial grass range is fully UV stabilised. All professionally installed lawns come with a genuine guarantee. The length of the guarantee depends on the turf chosen and the project. Typically, there is a 10-year UV guarantee, a 5-year product failure guarantee and a 2-year installation warranty, which is upheld by your installation company and not the USA Lawn brand. The company completing your project can provide you with a specification sheet outlining all the product details, plus a warranty.
We invest heavily in product development to achieve a range of fake grass that looks and feels so natural that people cannot tell it is artificial. We have received hundreds of letters and reviews from satisfied customers that have had our products installed, explaining that their neighbours, friends, and relatives that have visited have not even realised they have a synthetic lawn!
Our trained installers can usually install a regular-sized lawn (approx 500-600 square feet) in just one day. Bigger gardens that require significant groundwork and preparation will take 2-3 days. Your professional installer will be able to inform you of the time scale during the quotation process.
Yes, they can be over a 10-year period. If you were to add up 10 years of watering, feeding, cost of two mowers and (in many cases) the cost of re-turfing, a USA Lawn can be a cheaper alternative. Also consider the time saved at the weekend and reduced waste in your garden bin!

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